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A power of attorney is put in place to deal with an adult's financial/property and welfare affairs. A person can legally appoint more than one power of attorney.

Even if someone is currently in good health, they may want to get a power of attorney set up now as a protective measure for the future.

If an elderly relative becomes incapacitated and unable to conduct their own affairs, relatives sometimes have to resort to a costly and time-consuming court action to get the authority to deal with their house and /or money. You can easily avoid this situation with our help. 

Our solicitors are able to arrange for a relative to grant power of attorney while they are able to do so. This means that either you, another trusted family member, or a professional can look after the individual's affairs if needed.

A power of attorney is essentially the power to manage someone else's affairs because that person is incapable of acting on their own behalf. So, for instance, if the person in question:

  • Suffers from mental disorder;
  • Is physically or mentally disabled;
  • Is unable to act by virtue of their age (a child); or
  • Loses the ability to communicate

A power of attorney will allow the management of those person's affairs in their best interests. Depending on the needs of the individual, differing powers of attorney may be necessary. We offer specialist advice on which power of attorney is most suitable.

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