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Family -lawWhen couples separate, they often have a need to reach agreement on things like the house, savings and monthly support.  Often couples will want their financial and property affairs to be regulated when they separate.  This can make things easier and cheaper if and when couples decide to divorce.   It also means that people know where they stand in relation to money and the house.  In these circumstances a document called a "Separation Agreement" or a ‘Minute of Agreement’ can be drafted and signed.   We can help with this. 

It is important that both spouses have the benefit of legal advice from family lawyers before entering into a separation agreement because, once signed, it is likely to be a legally binding contract and you may not be able to get out of it. It is best to come and discuss it with us before signing such a document.

Contact Fiona in the first instance if you're looking for legal advice on separation agreements in Edinburgh or Glasgow. 

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